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תערוכת יחיד לאמנית סיסי דגן ופתיחת גלריה חדשה ברח בן יהודה 59 בתל אביב

Sissy Dagan has painted all her life. She has studied and explored art forms and techniques, media and material, discovering her own voice and expression. She is blessed with an innate sense of color, rich and full and balanced; she has mastered her skills, finding her personal drawing line that is a goal of every artist, honest, reflective and expressive.

“I Am Flying” is an exhibition of self-realization, a showcase of life experience and a fulfilment of a dream. The works are statements of independence, maturity, self-awareness and growth.

Sissy Dagan is also fortunate to be able to open her studio/gallery in the same space her mother had realized her own creative voice, one of Tel Aviv’s first bridal fashion salons, renowned for its quality and innovation. There is a closure of cycles here that goes beyond the symmetry of history; there is redemption in making a dream come true, and more so when it is one of woman’s power and achievement, creating her own place as a daughter, as a mother, as herself.

The series of paintings in the exhibition are new works, contemporary and personal, expressions of Dagan’s sense of renewal, intuitive and direct. After years of figurative, realistic and graphic art, Sissy is free of restraint, forms of description, and laws of reality; allowing herself the

freedom to express, secure in her craft, she is flying.

We are invited to fly with her, in her space, welcome participants and witnesses to her journey

Johanan Herson - curator

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